Thalassemia which is affecting almost 5,000-6,000 new-borns every year in Pakistan, is an inherited disorder of impaired hemoglobin production. This is a serious threat to the patients and require proper care. The patients affected with Thalassemia require lifelong blood transfusions and medicinal therapy, which is costly. Previously working under the ‘Follow Up Clinics’ and now as a separate department, Patients’ Welfare Association, through its Thalassemia Services, is striving to lift the depressed souls who have inherited this unfortunate disorder. Since its foundation was laid, Thalassemia Daycare Center has been managing patients under the guidance of a competent hematologist for the provision of regular, screened blood transfusions, viral markers, screening, baseline investigations iron chelation therapy and other medications completely free of cost. Currently 246 registered patients (with a budget of PKR 20 million annually) are being facilitated with the aim to improve the quality of life of these patients by zero compromise on the standard of services rendered.

``Sponsor A Thalassemic`` Campaign was launched in 2011 to meet the monetary needs of treatment for our thalassemia patients, where you can sponsor any patient’s medication therapy or other facilities being provided to them by PWA. The cost is around PKR 250,000/- to 450,000/- per patient per year. We would like to thank the philanthropists, who are a major support in our cause and help us sustain the services. We request you all to join hands with PWA to bring smiles on these little faces and improve their quality of living.

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