Around the globe, all the non-profit NGOs work to serve the underprivileged groups of society through funds, donations and charities, ensuring the sustainability of their cause.

Patients’ Welfare Association is working to change lives through the provision of free of cost Blood Transfusion Services and Thalassemia Services, standing tall and strong, by actively arranging many noteworthy events one of which is the Bake Sale.

Bake Sale is regarded as a mega-event of PWA, organized annually, at Dr. Ruth K.M. Pfau, Civil Hospital Karachi, as an open to all event, aimed at revenue generation and donations, but it is so much more than just raising funds.

Catering to the interests of people with its attractive stalls for games, prizes, photo booths, beautiful handicrafts, food stalls, and other exciting activities, Bake Sale puts fun to fundraising, by providing a complete package of recreation to the people. To meet our goal, the volunteers launch roadside donations and sponsorship campaigns before the event, bringing free of cost food items to stalls. Our hard work helps us collect donations in the form of things people buy and enjoy, making our event a great success every year.

Our Bake Sale audience is not limited to Civil Hospital Karachi but also includes our regular donors, celebrities, sponsors and the media houses to witness our work and progress. The appreciation we receive makes it a full-fledged fun and charity event, accounting for an ample amount of donations for our patients, hence contributing towards the cause of PWA.

Events like Bake Sale are intended to create an aura of happiness for our patients and act as a portrayal of the devotion and dedication of our volunteers, exemplifying our motto that Only Together We Can Make A Difference.